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U-Haul Rental

Rent a U-Haul: (610) 377-3336

U-Haul Rentals in Lehighton, PA

Between finding time to pack your life into boxes and doing a lot of heavy lifting between rooms, there's enough stress in moving. When it comes to getting your boxes, equipment, and furniture to a new location, allow yourself to take it easy. Our U-Haul trucks have plenty of space, come at affordable prices, and will make your move a lot easier.

Snyder Tire Co. is proud to be an official U-Haul dealer. Let us take the lead on the transportation and logistics of your next move across the country or into the big city. We are the U-Haul rental moving source for customers in Lehighton, Jim Thorpe, Palmerton, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on quickly matching your moving needs with the right U-Haul vehicle rental.

Whether you need a 10 foot truck for moving a small one-bedroom apartment, a 26 foot truck for moving a four to five-bedroom apartment, or a pickup or cargo van for a small job, U-Haul offers a variety of vehicle rentals and they are all available at our location.

Our selection of U-Haul vehicle rentals includes:

  • Pickups
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Covered Cargo Trailers
  • Uncovered Utility Trailers
  • Car Trailers

U-Haul Trailer Features

U-Haul Rentals in Jim Thorpe, PA

  • Each trailer is lightweight, aerodynamic, and low profile for easy towing and better gas mileage.
  • Engineered a special Gentle-Ride Suspension to ensure a smooth ride.
  • Perfect for customers looking to transport equipment, household belongings, or other personal possessions.

U-Haul Truck Features

    U-Haul Rentals in Palmerton, PA

  • Towing capabilities to bring along a trailer of extra items or your vehicle.
  • Well-maintained with high visibility, airbags, seatbelts, and damage coverage.
  • Relatively easy to load with low decks designed for loading right from the house.
  • EZ-Load Ramp makes loading vehicles as easy as possible.
  • Engineered a special Gentle-Ride Suspension to ensure a smooth ride for your most delicate possessions.

Planning is everything when it comes to U-Haul rentals. Finding the right size rental truck or trailer and scheduling that rental vehicle for the dates of your move are extremely important aspects for ensuring hassle-free moving. We guarantee all reservations on U-Haul vehicle rentals and we pride ourselves on matching your moving needs with the right U-Haul vehicle rental.

Let us provide you with a quote on the perfect U-Haul vehicle moving solution today.

Call (610) 377-3336 to reserve your reservation today.

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